Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chapter 0 - Arrival in Bogota

She left on a Tuesday, and according to Delta Airlines (I may or may not have tracked her flights on my phone), she arrived in Bogota, Columbia that night.  The next day we received the following letter from Ashley:

"¡Hola Familia!

Also, I got on and realized I didnt know what email to write Im writing to dad, if you want a different email, then please let me know!

Ok so this is a Spanish keyboard so its kind of hard to write on...haha ok so no need to worry, I am totally fine and I love it here! And guess who my companion is?? Hermana Phippen!! The hermana I met in the air port! We met up with some other sisters and elders in Atlanta and flew with them here. All the sisters are going to my mission, so that was fun to figure out! Also, THANK YOU MOM for exchanging my money beforehand!! Like every money exchange we went to in the airport was out of Colombian we ran around to like five different money exchange booths..haha but it all worked out and they got to exchange the money in Colombia.

I have 3 latina hermanas in my room and I think only one speaks english so that will be fun. Spanish is already coming at me, like dad said, through a fire hose haha Bogota is wonderful and I love it here. Sorry, I dont have a lot of time but know that I love you all!

Hermana Roylance"
So far, so good!

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