Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chapter 17 - Happy New Year

Hi everyone!

¡Feliz Año Nuevo! I hope you all had a great new year and are busy setting goals for the coming year. It's strange to think that all of 2016 I will be here in Ecuador serving the Lord, but I'm so excited. I am so exciting for the all growth that will come and everything I will learn!

So a little about New Years. So on Christmas and New Years we are imprisoned in our house and can't leave...haha it's okay though. Ok so the benefit of living in the hobbit hole, is that we live below the stake president so technically it's the same house so on New Years Eve we went upstairs to his house at like 8 and had turkey and vegetables oh and rice, never forget the rice...and ice cream, it was great! The next day we watched movies again and that was good (except for the fact that they were in Spanish and there weren't subtitles and so I couldn't understand that much...but oh well it was still fun). Also, I was sick again. Like what's up with that? I guess my body doesn't like being stuck in the house haha it was okay though and got a little better throughout the day. Also, we made Rice Krispie Treats and they were fantastic! My companions from Peru had never had them before so they tried them and they like them. Well, that pretty much sums up my New Years..oh and hearing fireworks throughout the whole night was fun too....

So, I just want to share something about the testimony meeting here in this ward. So on fast and testimony meeting there are so many people that get up and share their testimonies. Like, the stake president or bishop has to get up before and remind everyone to keep their testimonies short so that there is enough time to hear everyone. Really, there are so many memebers that get up and bear their testimonies and it really hit me. Their testimonies aren't long but they are powerful. They are all so strong and know that the chruch is true. It made me think about fast and testimony meeting in my home ward and how different it is. I encourage you all to share your testimonies. If not in sacrament meeting, then with other people just at other times. Be an example of Jesus Christ! Bear a simple testimony, that is enough. You can bear your testimony through your words and through your actions. Remember who you are and what you stand for! Oh and remember the words of this little kid that bore his testimony in sacrament: "We can't go to heaven if we aren't baptized..." haha it was so funny. that was all he said and then got down haha 

Right now, we are looking for new people but also teaching Stefania. She is so great and I feel really close to her. Like, she's also 19 and likes to run and she is just so great and she likes coming to church so that's even more great and we are just trying to help her gain a testimony so that she will want to be baptized!

Another just fun thing, the other day we forgot to bring our umbrellas with us and it started to pour and we were pretty much soaking wet on Saturday...haha good times. I now bring my umbrella with me... :)

Hermana Roylance

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