Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chapter 8 - Its Monday Again?

Hoooray!  The mission President's wife came through today on the mission blog and posted pictures of the new missionaries.  Thank you Sister Dennis!!!  So, get ready for Ashley picture overload.  Its now just a little bit more real that she's in Ecuador now.  I'll post her letter from this week, and then all the pictures.  Enjoy!
 Hermana Roylance y Hermana Gonzales

Hello friends and family,
I cant believe its monday again! This week went by so fast! Its still warm here but Im learning to manage...and good news, my ankles have reappeared...a little. haha
So right now I am sitting in a mall. Yes, they have this big mall called City Mall and its just like the US. Its so weird because you walk outside and its Ecuador with its concrete houses and lomas (hills) filled with houses and its just so different. Last week we ate Pizza from Pizza Hut in the food court so that reminded me of home. They have lots of stuff here that you can find in the US. I didnt think you could, but then again I didnt really know what to expect from Guayaquil, but I love it all!
English to the rescue! So I dont know if I said this but I live with the mission nurses and the other morning an Elder called saying he was sick and Hermana Vera (one of the other missionaries in my apartment-there are 4 of us total) asked him "do you want to speak in English, would that be easier?" he said yes and then she handed the phone to me...I talked to him and got to use my English and nursing at the same time! It was awesome. I felt so blessed to have had the opportunity to help another missionary and use my English. As for the Spanish, its coming slowly but surely.
Ok so I never said where I live. To put it simply, I live in a hobbit hole next to the Catholic church...yeah our apartment is a small little thing with no windows in the area where we study...well there is one window but it has a big curtain over it so all we have is the lights on the wall which are not very bright and so sometimes...like ok maybe every morning, I have to try REALLY hard not to fall asleep during personal study..and yes we live next to the Catholic church..Its pretty fun.
I am so grateful for my companion! She is so kind and patient with me and my Spanish. Oh and she finishes the juices that some of the members give us that I dont like...shes the best! haha she is so funny and helps me in so many ways. She pushes me to be a better missionary and to get out of my comfort zone. Im out of my comfort zone a lot...like everytime I open my mouth and try to speak Spanish..but I know the Lord will help me. I have faith!
So this week was good. We found some new investigators and one of our investigators that earlier in the week had said she wasnt interested showed up at church yesterday and said she wanted us to come over! Wow! It was amazing. We taught her and she said that she had been reading the Book of Mormon. Her countenance had changed..I could see it and when we left her house Hermana Gonzales just said "el Libro de Mormon es la clave" The Book of Mormon is the key! How true this is. I can see in our investiagators that read the Book of Mormon that they are happier and more willing to open up and talk. The Book of Mormon has power and Ive never seen how powerful it truly is until now. I know the Book of Mormon is true and you can find peace and guidance in its pages. Read it. Ponder it. Pray about. Its true!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Hermana Roylance

Arrival at the Airport: President and Sister Dennis there to meet them

Group photo at the airport

Hermanas group photo at the airport
Catching taxis back to the mission home

I don't think that Ashley has ever been in a taxi in her life

Instruction at the Mission President's home

Lunch at the Mission President's home

 Lunch at the Mission President's home

Group photo at the Mission President's home

Hermanas group photo at the Mission President's home

Mission Office : Waiting for their interviews with President Dennis

2nd day in Ecuador : Training

2nd day in Ecuador : Training

2nd day in Ecuador : Lunch

2nd day in Ecuador : New missionaries with trainers
2nd day in Ecuador :One last group photo

2nd day in Ecuador : New pillow and new mattress cover

 2nd day in Ecuador : Catching a taxi on the way to their area

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