Sunday, November 1, 2015

Chapter 7 - Where to start?

I've been holding on to this entry for a week now.   I was really hoping that Ashley's mission president's wife would post the pictures that they take when the missionaries arrive in the mission.  But, my wait was in vain.  I know she'll post them eventually.  And then Ashley didn't bother to send any pictures with this letter either.   Either way she sounds good, and is doing well.  Oh, and BTW, when she says that she's in Florida, it is Florida Ward in Guayaquil.

Hello Everyone!
Wow, where to start? SO much has happened since the last time I wrote....Im in Ecuador and I love it! It is soo different than any place I have ever been. Wow, but I love it!
I just need to make a list:
1. Im in Florida (Flor·eee·da) Im serving in Florida and its wonderful, when I heard the name of the place I was like, Hey! Florida, but you say it different. Anyway, Its wonderful.
2. My comanion is Hermana Gonzales and she is amazing! She has been here in this sector for her whole mission, which is 9 months! WOW! But its so great because she knows everyone and where to go which is good because our sector is really big and most of the time I dont know where I am but Im learning! She is so sweet and helps me with my Spanish. Its funny because sometimes I forget that like I dont every speak English...just because she talks in a way that I can, for the most part, understand what shes saying. Also, when people are talking and I dont understand, which is quite often, I like to her like shes gonig to translate it into English haha but she doesnt...she just says it in a simpler way and Im very grateful for that.
3. There are dogs everywhere... I probably see, on average, 25 dogs a day, depending on where Im going that day...They are seriously everywhere. But its okay because they dont really bother us. Oh and there are stray cats too, but not as many as well as chickens..yeah its pretty crazy.
4. Ok Florida is full of hills. Im climbing hills every day and its hot here and its crazy. We walk a lot, but its a good thing.
5. We take the bus all the time. Since our sector is so big we have to take the bus to different parts. Its different here than in Utah. Here you just stick your arm out and the bus stops and you hop on and then when you get to where you want, you just say stop and hop off, its strange. Ive never ridden the bus more in my life...
6. THEY HAVE LACTOSE FREE MILK HERE. I am saved! Thats all I have to say about that.
7.So its hot here and sometimes my feet turn red because theyre hot and a lot of the women in the ward are like, Oh my gosh, your feet! Haha they are all really concerned with why me feet are red but I just tell them that its okay..
8. Kankles. Ok so I was just sitting in Church on Sunday and I looked down and my anklese were gone! haha my ankles are so swollen because of all the walking and the heat. But Its okay and hopefullly the swelling will go down.
9. Matrimonio-marriage! Marriage is what brings us together today! Hermana Rocio got married the other day and it was way awesome!
10. Baptism! So Hermana Rocio got married and then baptized on Saturday along with her two sons! Ah, it was soo awesome! I feel so honored to be a part of such an amazing work!
The work is thriving here and Im so glad that I get to be here. Its not easy but I wouldnt trade it for the world. I may not be able to speak very well but these people are so kind and loving. Anyway, theres a taste of my life in Ecuador. I hope you all have a great week!
Hermana Roylance

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