Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Chapter 9 - 2 Months!

 Hello all,
I cant believe Ive been on a mission for two months! It seems like just yesterday I left my house...but then again I remember how long the CCM seemed to last for and I am like, yeah, it has been two months...haha but all is well.

I am learning so many things here on my mission. One of those things, apart from all the spiritual things, is I learned how to do my laundry by hand...I mean it's pretty self explanatory, but yeah, my companion showed me how. It takes a long time to wash a weeks worth of clothes...and we could take them to someone to wash them for us but that takes a long time too so we just wash by hand. Its really not that bad.

Colada Morada. Ok so there is this thing in Ecuador called Colada Morada and it's huge. Its a purple juice drink with fruit in it...I dont really know how else to describe it. Its really good though. There are these big pieces of fruit, I dont know what they are, but they have a pit that you spit out. Anyway, its pretty good and its everywhere. The members make it, they restaurants have it and you just see everyone with it. It was interesting to try. I am trying so many new things here in Ecuador, it's pretty fun.

¡No agua! So on Saturday and part of Sunday we didn't have any water. It was a city wide thing..I don't know why...I couldnt understand the announcement that was made when we were walking down the street....all I knew is that we wouldn't have any water. Its ok though because we arent really home that much during the day and we filled up these basins (the basins we hand wash our clothes in) with water and used that when we needed water. We have water now though so it's ok.

50 Year Celebration! I don't think I talked about this last week, and if I did, I'm sorry, but there was a big program last week celebrating 50 years of Mormons in Ecuador! It was so cool! When I read the poster for this I thought, wow, 50 years isn't that long, yet the church is so strong and continually growing. And I am part of helping it grow! There were different dance groups and singers, all members of the church and it was so cool to see. The  dances were cultural dances and those were really neat to see. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have seen a part of their culture! The work here is going well and I am so grateful to be a missionary!

I hope you are all doing well. I think about you guys often and I can feel you love. Have a great week!

P.S. I think I'm ruining the Latinas....haha their favorite words are wicked, liar, and robber...haha I didn't teach them these words on purpose, they asked me what they were in English and I told them and its so funny to hear them use them. They dont know a ton of English but phrases often heard in our house are "Hermana Roylance, your companion is wicked" "Don't be a robber" "you are a liar" and so forth...its so funny.

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