Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chapte 68 - They are what keep me going......

Hey Everyone!

Hope you all had a great new year! All is good here in Ecuador. I can't believe I spent all of 2016 in Ecuador...crazy...time flies. But I have enjoyed every minute. Well some minutes no but there are always ups and downs. But the thing about the mission is that the downs are that down and the ups are the highest ups of the ups. There are so many good experiences that I have had and will remember forever. Here we go with 2017....we'll see what it brings. Oh! one change for 2017....there is now a second sector in Jaramijo. There are 4 of us here now and I am so excited for that because that means we will be able to help the branch become a ward. Double the missionaries, double the baptisms, like quadrouple the baptisms! Hermana Tirell (from Washington and from my group) and Hermana Mayo (from Peru, nueva, she just started her mission). So this will be good.

This week we went to a nursing in conference in Guayaquil and that was good. It was the last time Hermana Hawkes was going to be with us and that was kind of sad but it was good to see the other Hermana nurses and Hermana Santos. She is seriously so sweet. And she made us peruvian dessert which was delicious (arroz con leche y masa mora).

Also I want to tell you about the people here. They are honestly so awesome. Like I am just so surprized at how many great people there are here. We are working with varios families and they are what keep me going. When I feel discouraged or sad or something, I just remember that we get to go visit them and it always cheers me up. When people just get it, you feel good. When people recognize the spirit, you feel even better! Like this week we visited an hermana, Narcisa and we had taught her the restauration one day and then went back the second day and she had said she felt a peace that "she hardly ever feels" when she prayed about Joseph Smith so basically she received an answer about that and then we went back again and were teaching the restauration to her daughter and hermana Narcisa pracically taught it to her daughter (Hermana Roylance just sitting there, jaw dropped, no words). That was awesome. They are great. THEN we found a golden family of 5. We went to visit them on Saturday and I was like hmm I don't konw if they are going to accept us because it's new years and then we went to their house and there was lots of music and I was like, they're not going to let us in, BUT THEY DID. Blessings. And we taught all 5 of them and the spirit was so strong. They get it. Like the hermana cried during the lesson and she said it was because she just felt so good, such peace. It was indeed the spirit. Then the dad was like, well at the beginning of the lesson he was like wow you can speak pretty well for only having 15 months and I was like yeah well okayish and then at the end of the lesson he was like, now I get it, now I understand why you can speak so well, it's the spirit. WOW soooo good. There are no words to describe how we felt. BUT please pray for them becase they are really good and Satan knows that and so he's going to work really hard. 

I ALMOST FORGOT. We had 3 baptisms this Saturday... Rocio and Johan and Dayanna were baptized and it was soooo good. I was so happy. Next week I'll send you pictures. 

Hermana Roylance

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