Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chapter 65 - Transfers and Training

Hey everyone!
Fun Fact : I think my knees are broken...jk

So can we just talk about how that was the shortest transfer ever? It was only 4 weeks and the next one coming up is 8 weeks...crazy. Anyway, BOTH my companions had transfers...Hermana Tantavilca and Hermana Reyes both left me and now I'm here with Hermana Torres. She is from Peru and is super sweet. She was being trained as a nurse and now I'm going to finish her nurse goes nothing...haha but I know it will be good. Also I completed 15 months in the mission...that was crazy too. Time is flyin.

This week we had a lot of people in sacrament, which was good, but I know we need to keep up the hard work if we want these people to get baptized. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how many people there are and how we have to veryify and teach everyone and now we are only 2 instead of 3 and it's seems like kind of a lot sometimes but I know the Lord will help us. I trust in Him. There is literally no other way we can do this work without Him. This week I really came to understand The Atonement better. We had a really great companionship inventory this week in weekly planning and wow, it really opened my heart. We talked about everything and how we were feeling and things we needed to work on and it just hit me how much I depend on the Lord because I have so many weaknesses and I want to change but I literally can't change without His help. Only through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ can I, and all of us, become the people He wants us to be. The Atonement is not just for simply repenting of your sins but it's for realizing your weaknesses and receiving the strength to change and become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. I am sure many of you already realize this but it just hit me really hard this week. I have a lot of things to work on and every day I pray to my Heavenly Father that he will mold me into the person He would have me be. I challenge you all to do the same. Pick a Christ like attribute that you feel you are lacking and really focus on developing it this week. Study it out, read the scriptures, preach my gospel, and talkes on that attribute and I promise you you will feel the love of the Savior more abundantly in your life. I love you all and wish you the best!

Hermana Roylance

PS Happy Birthday shoutout to the BEST dad in the whole world! Happy birthday dad, I hope it was the best!

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