Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chapter 70 - We Did Not See That Coming...

Hey everyone!

So there are a few things that happened this week that we just did not see coming. Well, the first one I did see coming. And what was coming at me you might ask? Three huge angry Ecuadorian dogs. Oh my, I almost died. I was on companion exchanges and in a new sector with another Hermana, Hermana Franco, and we are just walking down the street when these dogs come at us...ahh. I saw there big teeth and everything...ahh but it's okay. They didn't bite me...but I almost had a heart attack. And then like the same thing happened the next day...but only with one dog, but still...Ah I've never had so many problems with Ecuadorian dogs before...but it's okay. I hope that was the first and the last time that happens!

Second thing we did not see my companion and I are just walking to lunch on Saturday when this big gust of wind hits us and my companion is like "something got in my eye" We try and get it out with water for like 10 minutes, we try with eye drops, we try everything but my companion like cannot open her eye because it hurts so we end up having to go to the clinic in Manta so that they can get these little rocks out of her eye. I could see them but we couldn't get them out. We go to the clinic and guess ophthamalogists because it's Saturday and no one is working...we go to like 5 clinic and call like 7 phone numbers (which were all incorrect by the way) and nada...We finally end up at a clinic that attends to emergencies 24/7 and they come and help my companion....they cleaned out her eye and took out 5 little rocks! Crazy! And then there were problems with how we were going to pay and all sorts of crazy things...because that's how things go with me...they are always crazy...I think Heavenly Father thought it had been too long since I'd had a crazy nursing adventure so He gave me a new one....I don't know why these things always happen to me...I think I attract them or something...haha but then we left the clinic, my companion with an eye patch of gauze on and we go home so she can rest. It was hard because we wanted to go visit the people who were going to go to church the next day but we couldn't. The hermanas from Jaramijo 2 helped us out but it was still a bummer. The next day we went to church (yes my companion with her eye patch, but with sun glasses on) And everyone thinks I like punched my companion in the face or something haha not really...but yeah. Not that many of our investigators went to church BUT the Lord is never in debt with His blessings.

The third thing we did not see coming were ALL the blessings. On Sunday we visited a recent convert who has familiy members who are not members that we are going to visit. We also met a less active that wants to come back to church whose children aren't members so that's good. And then we topped off the night with a miracle. So we were looking for someone to teach and we went by a contact we had made but she couldn't meet at that moment so we left and stood under a light post to look at a message we needed to send. While we were standing there, we hear "Hermanitas" and this little kid had called to us. I didn't know who it was but we went over there. The sister said she was a less active and she lived in that house with her friend and her friend's family and they had plans to go to church that day but they couldn't because her sister dropped by but they were going to go......! Like by their own free will. And this was amazing. The Lord answers prayers, and not just that, he just freely gives us tender mercies because that day in the morning I was like "Ah, why is it so hard to get people to come to church sometimes? Sometimes I feel like it's like pulling teeth (haha try explaining that phrase to your companion in Spanish) I was like I wish we had people that actually really wanted to go to church" WOW can you say perfectly answered prayer? It was sooo cool! And the couple is married and has an 8 yr old and a 2 yr old and they are excited to learn more and go to church. Wow. Such a miracle. I know that the Lord is preparing people and I know that He is never in debt with his blessings. Keep your head up, the Lord wants to bless you. Have a great week! I love you guys!

Hermana Roylance

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