Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chapter 72 - And You Thought That Proselyting With Your Mission President Would Be Nerve-Racking

Hey everyone!

So this week was pretty eventful. First thing, we had a world wide mission conference this week and they announced some changes in missionary work. Most of them wouldn't seem like a big deal for you guys but it was pretty big for us. Among all the changes, some small changes happened to the key indicators we now report to our leaders but the biggest change was to our schedule. Now we don't plan  at night, we plan in the morning, which is super weird and new, but I think I like it. And we have the option to choose how long we do companionship study and now there's more time on pday and just a lot of things but mostly what's most important to know is that this is all so inspired. It was designed to allow us as missionaries to use our agency and choose to use our time wisely. They said they did this to help us so that when we get home we will use our time wisely and keep up the habits we gained on our that's a good thing. Anyway the conference was super good and we also had a multi-zone conference which was so inspired and amazing as well, much revelation was received there.

But something even bigger happened this week. So I always would hear about when the mission president would go out on visits with some missionaries and I always thought wow, that must be nerve racking....and then on friday night we get a call from the stake president and he's like hey hermanas Elder Nelson Ardila (an Area 70) will be here tomorrow (because we had stake conference this weekend and he presided) and we were wondering if you guys had any investigators you would like to go visit with  him.............uhhhhh....... yeah! So basically we went on visits with an Area 70, the stake presidente and his wife, one of his counselors and his wife, and the branch president...oh and us...can you talk about a small but incredible powerful little army made up of the Lord's chosen servants! Wow it was such a neat experience. He taught me so much about teaching people not lessons and using the things people know to teach them the gospel and asking inspired questions. Wow. He brings the spirit so strong and the people can tell he is a servant of the Lord. We were just walking down the street and the people were staring at him and it's because they can see the light of Christ that radiates from him and I think, in a small way, that happens with us too. They can see our light of Christ and that's why they stare at us and are drawn to us. As members of the chruch in general too, they can see somehting different about us and it's the light of Christ-Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in Heaven. Well, needless to say, when you teach with an area 70 you start the lesson but then they take the lead and you just follow.,they are so intune with the spirit and you can just tell in their voice they are chosen serants of God. Wow such a neat experience. I will never forget it. Anyway, have a really really great week and remember to always share the gospel!

Hermana Roylance

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