Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chapter 76 - I Never Thought That Moment Would Come

Hey Everyone!

So this week went by in literally a blink of an eye. We went to the temple this week and it was so great. We also had a nurse conference and a multi-zone yeah. Time flew right on by. Being in the temple was really so great. It truly is the House of the Lord and one can really feel the spirit there. I just felt so peaceful and calm there..I didn't want to leave. Ah, so great. I challenge you all to go to the temple this week and I promise you that if you put forth and effort and go, that you will be able to feel God's love for you and feel great peace and tranquility. 

After the temple we had a nurses conference which was really great as always. Kinda sad because Hermana Colachagua and I are finishing our missions but I know the other hermanas will be great nurses too!

We also had our multi-zone conference this week. It was also really good, well the parts of it that we heard. There was a sick missionary that we had to take care of so we were in and out but the parts we did hear were super great and inspired and I know it's exactly what I needed to hear. Well, what really got to me was when President said "ok, now I want all those who are going home this transfer to come up to the front" ahhh....that moment when you know it's you but don't want to go up because you can't really believe that this moment has come. I have seen so many missionaries who were ending their missions go up and share their testimony and they always say, "I never thought this day would come" and I would think "that day will never come" but, well, it came. It was such a strange feeling to be up there with the other 8 missionaries, giving one of my last testimonies in front of everyone. It was a great experience and I could really feel up there the difference the mission has made in each of our lives. Each elder and hermana up there was so mature and their testimonies were so strong. The mission really changes lives. We come out here to change the lives of those around us who don't have the gospel but we, as well, in the process, change as well. We are our biggest convert. We change through the atonement of Christ and we go home completely different people. Well, time is flying by and I just hope to make the best of it. Hope you all have a great week!
I forgot to tell you about the bapism of Marilyn! She is the niece of Hermana Rocio that was baptized in December. She is super great. We are working with her mom too but it's a little longer process. It was crazy because it was planned for saturday night but when we got to their house they were like, no we're not going because it's too late at night, we're not going...ahhh what do we do, we thought! Well, at the end, we had the baptism at 8 am Sunday morning and she was confirmed at 9 am. The Lord works miracles!
Hermana Roylance
Elder Vogrinec and his comp, and Me and my comps (Go VHS!)


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