Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chapter 66 - What A Christmas

Hey everyone!

The 8 of us that stayed in Guayaquil in one house! Talk about crazy...and talk about having to share showers...haha
So this week we had almost no time to work in our sector because we went to Guayaquil on wednesday and didn't return until about crazy. Let me just say I never ever want to travel and be away from my sector 4 days and have to verify various baptismal dates ever again! Ah, so hard. Trial of my faith and patience. But it all worked out, our zone leaders and hermana leaders went to our sector and taught our people so that's good! It was hard to coordinate everything while being so far away, but the Lord blessed us and helped us and even though everything didn't work out how I thought it would or how I thought it should, I know the Lord knows best and we will be blessed for trying. 

Anyway, so the reason we went to Guayaquil was because there was a huge Christmas event in a park called Parque de Las Semanes and it's HUGE. They told us it's one of the biggest parks in South America. Anyway, my companion and I were part of the choir and we sang prelude music before the show started. The purpose of this was to attract the attention of the people so that they would come watch the show. The show included different cultural dances by the members and choirs and orchestras (all from the members, so cool, there was so much talent) and then there was a presentation and message about Christmas and the birth of Christ and it was sooo good. Missionaries from Guayaquil North, South, and West missons sang in the choir and we sange like 10 songs and they were so pretty. Also there were nativities set up all around with missionaries as the figures and the people could go there and take a picture and then after we wrote down their information so that we could send them the picture...and also send the missionaries to their house....I don't know who thought of this idea but it was genious. So many references! Too bad they are probably all for Guayaquil...but it's's all the Lord's work! Anyway, it was so fun to be there and to feel the Christmas spirit, and most of all to feel the spirit of Christ. I won't soon forget this Christmas, it is definitely one to remember. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Love you all! Feliz Navidad!

Hermana Roylance
These were the live nativity sets with the missionaries in them. Genius!
me and Hermana Otero y Hermana Torres (the one with the red bow) and in the back ground is where we sang, in a big accoustic stage.

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