Sunday, March 12, 2017

Chapter 69 - Sweet 16!

Hey everyone!
Baptism of Rocio and her two kids

Not much time today but I have pictures and they are worth 1000 words right? Well this week we extended a baptismal date to a sister named Paulita and she is so sweet. Also we have a lot of good families we are working with. One family, they are seriously golden. There name is the Soledispa Family and I love them with all my heart. The dad already looks like a future stake president. So good. But pray for them because Satan knows how good they are and he does not want them to progress, we've already been able to see that. But I am going to fight for this family because I KNOW they have so much potential. Anyway, where much is given much is required. We just have to give it our all and we will win out because we will have the Lord on our side! Good always wins! God's side always wins!

Also, ps, I completed 16 months today....CRAZY. 

Hermana Roylance
2 Gringas made lunch today

We went to Montecristi today and it was fantastic! Yay Jaramijo!

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