Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 24 - I'm in for the long haul

So this week was pretty good. Transfers came and went last night and it looks like I'm staying here in Portoviejo and I'm good with that, I like it here. I said I'm in for the long haul because this transfer will be for 8 weeks instead of 6. They changed how long the Latins are in the MTC for (it's 3 weeks now instead of 2) so they had to have this long transfer to balance it all out. I'm glad though, because I love my companion and so everything will be great.

So this week we went to Guayaquil for a nursing conference. I don't know if I said this in an earlier letter but I am training as a misison nurse. Hermana Gonzales is a mission nurse and is super good and I'm just like wow, I don't know if I can do this...but I know I can do anything with the Lord's help. There are 6 mission nurses and so all the missions are split up between us and we help the missionaries in these areas. It's extra responsibility but I know that it's important and there will be extra blessings. Anyway, we went to Guayaquil for a conference and it was really good. 

*A side note about traveling to Guayaquil. So we stayed in the temple housing which is always super awesome because THERE IS HOT WATER and so we get to take warm showers which actually feel pretty good because there is air conditioning and everything as well. Yeah, it's great. Anyway, so our breakfasts (and sometimes dinners) in the temple usually consist of yogurt and cookies and ham sandwiches and so basically I ate a ham sandwhich for breakfast and dinner for like 2 and a half days...haha (Tell Remy, I thought of him)

Anyway, Hermana Gonzales was super excited to go back to Guayaquil because she was there for 10 months and we actaully got to go with the Hermanas in our old sector and go teaching with them one afternoon and Hermana Gonzales was super happy because we were going back to teach one of her converts oh and it's kind of my convert too, but I didn't really teach her, I came in at the end and I was there for her baptism, it was my first baptism in the area and yeah anyway I was just sitting in the car as we were driving to the sector thinking.."am I really helping these people, am I really making a difference in these people's lives? Does anyone even remember me in this ward, I was only here for like 3 months" And all these thoughts were in my head but something happened that changed everything. So we went in to the house and the Hermana was really happy to see us and I was like oh, yeah, like she's probably more happy to see Hermana Gonzles but ok this is good, but then it got better. We were sitting in her house and these two little girls from a family that we spent a lot of time with and taught a lot came running to the door. They are 10 and 12 and they just ran in and gave us the biggest hugs and Nicole, the 10 year old just started crying...they both started crying and in that moment I knew I had made at least a little bit of difference in the lives of these two girls and for that I was very grateful. I know that these people remember us and that I really am making a difference. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to see His hand in my life and feel of his love. If you ever feel like He's not there, look for His hand in your life and I promise you, you will find it. God is in the little things. I love you all and I hope you have the best week.

Hermana Roylance

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