Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 38 - Good Things Are Happening

So I hope you all are having a great week and that you are enjoying the summer! This week was good and there are a lot of things I want to say, so I hope this doesn't sound too jumbled and scattered. 

First I want to share something that I heard in Relief Society yesterday. We were talking about communication skills and how we need to learn to communicate with our friends, parents, family members, and others and learn to develop good relationships with them. The Relief Society president was saying that as we imrove and work on listening, and not just listening with the intent of responding directly afterwards, we learn to have a better relationship and that these relationships with our friends and family will help us improve the relationship we have with our Father in Heaven. This really impacted me. As we improve our relationships here on earth, we improve our relationsip with our Father in Heaven because we know how to listen and to express our feelings. 

I also felt so much joy this Sunday as we were able to see so many people in sacrament meeting. I don't think I've had that many investigators, less actives, and recent converts in sacrament in a long time and it was very rewarding to see them there yesterday. It got me thinking about how much joy our Heavenly Father must feel when we attend church and are obedient as well. I was grateful for the chance that I got to feel a little bit of the joy and happiness that our Heavenly Father feels for each one of us.

One of the people in sacrament was Fernando, our investigator that has a baptismal date right now. He is so good, he's 13 and really excited to learn about the gospel. His mom, Lorena, is less active but is also really excited about coming back to the church. I feel so blessed to work with them and help them gain a stronger testimony of this wonderful gospel!

Also, one day this week I was just kinda feeling down and not having the best attitude and as I was changing into my pjs, I looked at the tag on my dress and what did it say? Positive Attitude........ God has a sense of humor. I just had to laugh and think, it's true, I need to have a good attitude and if I do, then I will be able to do a lot of good things here. I've heard a lot in the mission that Satan doesn't necesarily need to tempt us, all he needs to do is distract or discourage us and it's so true because if we are distracted or discouraged, we won't want to work and that's exactly what he wants, but as we choose to be happy, Satan doesn't have that power. So basically, be happy :)

ONE MORE THING. Another testimony builder. So we went back and taught the recent convert whose house we were in during the earthqake and it was amazing to me, as we looked at the spot where we were sitting that night. All of the pictures on the wall were fine. But something stuck out to me. There is a big picture of Christ and sitting on top of the frame is a little tiny wooden sign that says Families are Forever. I asked the sister if it was attached with anyting and she said no, it was just sitting there and it never fell during the earthquake. How? Houses built of concrete fell to the ground in seconds and nothing, absolutely nothing, fell where we were. I now, even more than before, have a testimony that angels were certainly in that house that night.I hope you all have a great week!

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