Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 52 - Cumple Ano(s)

So much to write about this week! Wow. So on Friday I completed one whole year on my mission. It's crazy to think I've been out this long...the time seriously flies by! The title says Cumple Año(s) because on Friday I was completing one year (in Spanish, cumpliendo un año) and Hermana Hawkes was having a birthday (cupliendo año(S)) haha so it was like a double celebration! We ate lots of cake, ice cream, and pizza haha it was a good day!

So the other day I was reading this little book we have called Adjusting to Missionary Life and something in there really hit me. "Sometimes a mission feels like a wonderful spiritual adventure-or at least one you can handle. You calmly move forward with faith, realizing that much of the nervousness or worry you experience is temporary. You take courage in knowing you will adjust with time, grow spiritually, and develop many new skills. Experiences you once feared become more manageable. You even come to cherish aspects of missionary life that once felt overwhelming. You rely on the Spirit, grow in confidence, and find joy in your service." When I read that it was like wow...this is so true. I remember at the  beginning of my mission, there were so many things that were overwhelming and stressful but now, like it says, are more manageable and I've even come to love these certain aspects of missionary life. For example, at the beginning of my mission, I did not like at I dreaded it. BUT now I love it. I just talk with everyone and it's so fun because it's like going on a treasure hunt for golden investigators and it's just so great! Yeah sometimes people just reject us and don't want to listen, but the rejection doesn't really bother me. I know I'm doing what I'm supposed to and giving everyone a chance to accept the message. If they don't want to listen, that's their choice. I really have grown in confidence and my testimony is so much stronger. I know that this church is true and that the Lord loves us. He has a plan for us and I am here because I want everyone to know of this plan. We also watched a video clip the other day of a football player and he was in practice and they were doing this really hard exercise and they blindfolded him and then he had someone on his back and he had to crawl across the football field. The player didn't think he could even go 30 yards before he started, but he put on the blindfold and started going. His coach was right there beside him..supporting him and encouraging him not to quit. As he was going, and things were starting to get hard, he wanted to quit, he wanted to rest and take a break but his coach wouldn't let him. He just kept encouraging him and telling him he could do it. He made it to the end, thinking he surely had only gone to the 50 yard mark but it turns out he went the full 100 yards. There are SOO many lessons to be learned here. I like almost cried when we watched this clip. It just made me think about how sometimes we don't think we can do it but we have to remember that the Lord is right there by our side. He is cheering us on because this is His work. Sometimes as missionaries we want to quit or rest or take a break but we can't. This work doesn't rest. We can't just be here and waste time and rest and not look for new people, no. We have to always be working and it's hard. It's hard to constantly be looking and searching and be rejected and do everything possible. But I know we can do it. I know the Lord is my strength "for as to my strength, I am nothing" I only have 6 months left and I'm going to give it my all. I want to do everything I can to find these lost sheep and bring them back to the fold. It's not easy but it is ever so worth it! I want to thank you all for all your support and helping me keep going for this whole year. I could never have done it without you!

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