Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 58 - When it just hits you...


So today I just want to share something that hit me this week in our weekly planning session. So the assistants came and gave us a little training and they talked about how it's really important to work with members but we need to put in our own iniciative too. We have been really focused on working with our ward members but we can't forget to go out and contact too....It that moment it all kind of hit me. Like we know that references from the members are super awesome and we always try to get references because they usually end up being really good and awesome and prepared people but these people alone will not fill up our teaching pool. We have to find a balance because if we contact too much, we don't get to our lessons but if we only go see the members and they don't give us references? What are we supposed to do then? The example came to me of you know when you're playing mario kart and there are those little boxes  that have the surprizes in them that like help you go faster and win and stuff? Well that's like working with the members-that's like getting the mystery boxes with really great prizes in them but when you're playing, if you get a ton of those prizes and never use them, or don't even use your own iniciative to get going, the prizes don't help you at all...did that make sense? Like we need to work and contact so that as we go along, we can receive these prize references from the Lord and we will truly start advancing. Anyway, that was something that came to my mind this week.

Also we have an investigator named Boris, he's super great but he has some challenges that we are helping him get over. He had some word of wisdom issues but a few weeks ago we had made a plan with him to help him quit drinking and last week, everything went well but this weekend we called him...and guess what...he had drank...our hearts sunk...there went his baptismal date for the 29th of October...but I know God has a plan for everyone. I could really see the change in him this week as we went literally every day. He's making progres but he needs more help. So, please pray for him! He's a good guy who just needs some prayers! Muchas Gracias!

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