Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 50 - Las Cosas Dificiles


So last week our mission president sent us an excerpt of a talk by Russell M Nelson called How to Become a True Generation of the Millenium and I just want to share a little bit about it with you.

So it talks about how we hope to achieve the impossible but then we have to prepare to do so. It talks about how the Lord has always asked his covenant children to do las cosas difĂ­ciles (the hard things). We are the Lord's covenant people and he askes us to do some seemingly impossible things sometimes but He knows we can do them. As missionaries sometimes we feel like we are asked to do really hard things but we have to remember that we have been called by God through a Prophet to go out and preach to these people and that with His help, we can do anything. We have the privilege of seeing miracles every day but it's not until after we have dedicated all our time, labor, ireas, boldest efforts, and most fervent prayers. We can and should accept these seemingly impossible tasks and assignments because as we do, we will be made into instruments in His hands. I know this is true. We don't grow until we have passed through something that has tested our faith and we have had to put our trust completely in Him. At the end of the talk is asks: How do we achieve the impossible? The answer is doing everything possible to strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ and increase our comprehension of the doctrinve of the restored church and looking for the truth without resting. I know that as we increase our faith that we will be able to do anything the Lord asks us to do. This transfer was kind of a surprise and it was looking like something that was going to be really hard and so when I read this talk las monday, it really hit home. I'm so grateful for inspired leaders. I know we can do hard things! Keep you head up! Keep working hard and obeying Him and He will bless you in ways you can't even imagine!

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