Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 30 - This is not about me at all...

So, one thing I neglected to say last week was that I AM SO EXCITED THAT THEY ARE BUILDING ANOTHER TEMPLE IN QUITO, ECUADOR! Wow! You should've been there. We were all just sitting there in the stake center and when President Monson announced the temple in Quito, the whole stake center gasped. Like we wanted to like sing and shout because we were so happy but we couldn't so we all just sat there with huge smiles on our faces, feeling the love God has for us! I love Ecuador! Many blessings are on their way to the people of Ecuador.

So everyone who goes out on a mission learns a lot of things on their mission. It's impossible to go out and come back the same person. I've heard a lot that oh, the mission isn't really about you and you are here for the people and I always understood that but didn't really understand it, really really get it, until about a week ago. I also have heard that learning a new language isn't about learning how to speak a new language, it's about learning to love the people. Also understood that, but not fully, until a week ago. So I was just sitting there one day, thinking about how I can make my mission the best it can be. I can now understand these people and can express myself and answer their questions but what more can I do? Why don't I feel a greater sense of accomplishment? And then it hit me. My companion was talking about the "language of our hearts" or our native language and how our native language speaks directly to our hearts. And it's so true. I was thinking, if someone is talking to me in English, it has a lot more significance than sometimes Spanish does. I can understand what they are saying in Spanish, but the same phrase repeated in English has a different meaning. And then I thought, wow, you are not learning Spanish for you, you are learning it for the people in Ecuador. You may not feel the complete impact of your words, but they do. This is the language of their hearts. The reason I'm here really is not about me. The reason I'm here is so that every man can hear the gospel in his own tongue. I am part of God's army who has been learning this new language so that I can help bring the gospel to all the world. As I remember this, it makes it easier and easier to love the people. I am trying each and every day to learn new words and expand my vocabulary and learn better grammar so that they understand the importance of this gospel. I know this gospel is true and for that reason I am here. I love you all and hope you all have the best week. Remember that the Lord loves you and that you are his child. Thank your for all of your love and support!

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