Monday, November 21, 2016

Chapter 62 - Adjusting to Jaramijo

We literally live on the beach!
I hope you all had a great week! This week was really good. It was kind of crazy, how transfers usually are but it was good. I'm getting to know my sector a little more and things are going well. It's kinda hard to be in a trio sometimes because like the revelation comes in like three ways sometimes haha but it's all good. We are getting the hang of it. Anyway, a little more about Jaramijo. It's a small branch, which is something really new for me but it's good. Also, we literally live on the so close. And it's soooo beautiful. FYI it's also been kind of cold these days. (yes, I will die when I get back to Utah if I think it's cold in Ecaudor...haha but really...I sleep with socks on....) Also it's such a small fishermans town. Let me prove it. So this week we contacted this guy and we asked him how long he'd been married for and he told us and then we asked what the secret was, ya know to having a long lasting mairrage..and ususally the people tell us love or patience or understanding or something but know what he tells us... el pescado...the fish..haha the fish is the secret to mairrage..haha so funny. Also, I've never heard the parable of Jesus making his disciples into fishermen of men used so many times...haha it's so good. Also, the fish thing is going okay. I am surviving. Thanks for the prayers. 
Baptism of the Yagual Figeroa Family

Also we had a baptism this week of 4 people! It was so amazing. The family Yagual Figeroa. A mom and her 3 kids. It was so great. This sector is a sector of miracles...but we definitely need to work. I was just sitting in sacrament meeting yesterday and it just hit me that I feel like I've seen these people they all loook so familiar. I feel at home here, I'm not sure why. but I am ready to work! Hope you have a great week!
The Trio Hermana Reyes, Me, Hermana Tantavilca

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