Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 59 - Representatives of Jesus Christ

First of all, Happy Halloween to all! They don't really celebrate Halloween here, like a little bit they do, but not that much. Like safe to say they pretty much don't. haha but it's all good.

So we had the conference this week with Elder Hugo Montoya and it WAS AMAZING. Wow. I think it was one of the best conferences I've ever been to on my whole mission. SOO GOOD. He talked about a lot of things but what really hit me was about how we are truly representatives of Jesus Christ and we have the power and authority to do this work. We can make promises to these people and have faith in these promises because God will justify our words and if we see that He isn't completing these promises, we can pray to our Heavenly Father so that He can "justify the words of His servant." It was so powerful. We are literally servants of Jesus Christ, here to act how He would act and to say what He would say. And I am trying to humble myself and aquire the attributes that He would have me aquire. It's not easy but I know that He can help us with all things and more than anything, can make our weaknesses into strengths.

I also wanted to say that Boris is getting baptized next week! He is sooo good! Ah, he used the atonement in his life and I can really see the change that he has made in thes past few weeks and it's incredible. It's incredible to see the light of Christ come into someone's eyes. It's an experience you don't easily forget.
P.S. it was also Boris' birthday this week and we took him a cake!

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