Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 44 - So Much Learning!

I hope you all had a really good week! This week went by really fast (just like every week.....) but it was good nonetheless. I learned literally so much this week. Like my personal studies were just really great. I love the scriptures!

So this week I was reading about King Benjamin and I really like what he says to his people. Well, preface, this week I was just thinking, how can I be a better leader? I was just thinking this and then boom, God answered my prayer through the scriptures. Anyway, I was reading in Mosiah 2 and he is just saying how he's worked alongside his people and helped him and in verse 26 he talks about how he is no better than any of them becaue he is from the dust just like the rest of them and I just thought wow, King Benjamin has so much humility. He was a King that knew the gospel, but not only knew it, he lived it. He wasn't a king that just was like, hey all of you do this while I sit back and He was like ok this is what we need to do and I'm gonna be right there alongside you working with you. I love it. I was able to see that if we truly want to be good leaders, we need to be humble. We need to not only talk the talk but walk the walk too. So all you leaders out there, church leaders, school leaders, whatever leader you may be, remember that the best leaders are those who are humble, not proud, and who work alongside each other.

Also, another day in my personal study, I was reading Mosiah 3:19 that talks about how we need to become like little children because they are humble and meek and full of love and faith and all these good things and it is so true. We extended a baptismal date this week to a mom and her two kids and her two kids were super excited and wanted to but the mom was more doubtful and didn't have the kind of faith that her kids have. I think as we grow and see more of the world, it numbs us. We lose faith and think more about what others will think of us. Her kids are seriously like little missionaries and were like talking to their little neighbor friend and asking her if she wanted to go to church and they were just so excited and it's like wow, just look at them. They truly have the light of Christ in them and it's evident. They don't judge, they just do as Christ would do and invite all to come unto Him. It's no wonder we all need to become like them and that as such is the kingdom of God.

I know the scriptures are true. I know it with all my heart. Without them, there is no hope, there is no learning, there is no growth. You want answers to your questions? Read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. I get the opportunity to testify of this wonderful book every day and I love it. I challenge you all to talk to whoever you know about the Book of Mormon. Tell them that it answers questions of the soul...because it does. Share your testimony. Be a light to the nations!

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