Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 47 - A Birthday for the Books!

So, cool things happened last week. President sent us like a bunch of letters to read and parts of them were exerpts from letters from missionaries in our mission (like parts of their letters to the president) and we're just reading them last week and my companion is like.....hey, I think this is our story. and IT WAS. oh my. And it was my my spanish grammar was sooo bad but hey it was okay. But kinda a cool thing to have president like your letter and send part of it out to the whole mission....I felt pretty happy.

ALSO, thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! It was honestly one of the best birthday ever! I was woken up by all my companions at like 6 30 am. They threw balloons on me and sand happy birthday and brought me a cake haha it was so cute. Nothing like taking a video at 6 30 am right after you wake up....haha Dont worry, even though I don't have a camera, there's like 3 recordings of the days events on my companions cameras so one day I'll eventually receive them. Anyway, that day in our ward we had an activity called One day like a missionary. All the youth and adult members were invited to go and they had like a little MTC in the morning and then we went out and contacted in the afternoon. It was so cool because in the morning when they were in their little classes we got to help teach (all the RMs from the ward were the teachers) and we got to help too and it was was really fun to get to teach them how to teach and be missionaries. It also made me realize that we really do learn so much here on our missions. Like, we were doing practices with them and to us it's so easy to know what to say because we've been teaching for a long time but for them it's like, they know this stuff, but it's different when you have to teach it to someone who's never heard it before. So that was pretty cool. There was one point during this activity right before lunch when everyone was gathered together and they were like Hey, someone here has a birthday.....and so I went up.....and THEY ALL SANG ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY......yes, like 50 Ecuadorians sang me happy birthday. In Spanish and in English might I in Latin America, I don't know why but they all know happy birtthday in English too but they still have their accent so it was funny. haha it was the best. I just felt so loved. This was one of the best birthdays I've ever had and I don't think I'll be forgetting it any time soon ahah thank you again for all your love and support! have a great week!

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