Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 46 - Movin Up and Movin Out ... Literally!

Ok so this week was so crazy and I have so many things to say but like there is not enough time...but I'll try! Ok so first GOODBYE YELLOW CAVE! Se we moved out of our other house which was literally like a litlle cave that had no windows and no light (like one time the power went out at 9 am and we had to use flashlights because we literally couldn't see anything) and the walls were painted yellow and it was just crazy being in there with 6 of us and we just needed somewhere new. Anyway, we now live in a wonderfully big apartment that has lots of windows and natural light and it's so great! We can really feel the spirit there and it is just a really good change. We moved on Saturday with the help of the Elders and some members and so we have a good 2 solid days in this new house. AND guess what......there are two working bathrooms WITH HOT SHOWERS.....yep you read that right. One of the only houses in the mission with hot showers....we used to be the house that no one wanted to stay in if they had to come to Guayaquil and we suddenly turned into the most wanted. So let's just say I'm pretty content! Things are good. The house is so pretty. It really feels like a home and kinda reminds me of the United's nice. One day when I get a new camera, I'll send you pics. Also, think my companion is sending some pictures.

This week went really well. We had 4 people in sacrament meeting and we were soo happy! I realized I haven't told you guys much about who we are teaching but I'll try to change that. So, I'll start today. So there was this lady from another ward that gave us a reference a while ago of her friends that live in our area and we went and taught them a few times but they didn't really progress so we kinda stopped visiting them for a little bit and then one Sunday we were out doing visits with the ward and I was with some members and wasn't with my companion and we literally visited everyone in that area that I knew and I was like oh my, what do we do, where do we go? And I was just like praying and asking what we should do and this thought came into my mind to go to this family. We wanted to meet the dad because we had never met him and we were told that he could usually be found of the weekends so I was like should we go? And I was kinda doubting it but then I remembered something that Elder Rasband told us that we just need to follow our first impressions from the spirit so.....we went. The husband was there and we set up an appointment. I was super happy and we went to the appointment that week but he wasn't there.....and I was like why??? BUT the Lord has a plan. The son, Daniel, who's 20 was there and HE IS SO RECEPTIVE. Like we were just sitting there teaching him and he was just taking it all in, like so amazed. He even looks like an Elder. Like, I really really want him to progress because he needs to go on a mission. I can see his potential! Ah he and all his family went to church this week and it literally made me so happy! Pray for them because they are honestly so good! Also this other lady who we taught named Leonella came to church as well. We only taught her once but I love her. She is someone we contacted on the bus but she is prepared. Pray for her too! So needless to say things are good here and we just gotta keep working! I hope you all have a super great week! Love you guys!

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