Sunday, November 13, 2016

Chapter 60 - A G E N C Y

So I have some news....Boris, that I talked about last week, wasn't baptized. What happened is that...he drank again this weekend. Ah, it was so sad...and we didn't know until literally Saturday in the morning. It was really hard to hear because one starts thinking well if I had only taught this better or prayed more or called him more to check up on him then maybe this would not have happened. But then we have to remember that people have their agency. It's hard because you're like, but he received blessings or strength and we prayed and we were always there for him, how could this happen? But people have A G E N C Y. And sometimes that's hard to deal with and understand sometimes but I know God has a plan for Boris. He has truly progressed a lot and we aren't giving up on him. We were talking to his mom, who is a member, and she was telling us that lots of missionaries have passed by him but none of them were able to get to where we have. That made me feel really good, like I really do have a purpose here. It just reminded me of how there really are people here for us, people that the Lord is preparing specifically for us. They need our characters and our way of beings and they need to hear the gospel from us! Of this I am sure!

Another random thought. All you youth out there...GO TO SEMINARY AND INSTITUTE! I was talking with our convert Dana the other day, she's 14 and she was talking about how she's in seminary and she loves it because she is learning so much. And then her mom was like, man, I wish I would have had the opportunity to go to seminary when I was younger but I didn't. and I wanted to like offer her some class or something but there's nothing...just like going to church...and then it just hit me...the importance of going to seminary and institute when you're young so that when you're older and have your own family, you will be able to lead and guide then according to the principles of the gospel. Anyway, that was my little shoutout for seminary and institute! Love you all!
Florida Zone - October 2016 - Elder Montoya visit

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