Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 49 - Transfers!

So I didn't have transfers....but my companion did! Chao Hermana Rojas! Ah, so sad, but she's training a new missionary and she will be great! I am still in Florida and I'm with Hermana Gonzalez. (haha always with an Hermnana Gonzalez of some sort) She's from Chicago and she's really great! 

So this saturday we had Dana's baptism! You guys, it was sooo good! It was honestly one of the best baptisms yet! When she came out of the water, her mom was there and she just gave her the biggest hug! Her mom is a rescue and this is what she really wanted for her daughter. So she was crying and Dana was crying and then Hermana Rojas and I started tearing the spirit was so strong. It was so good to see her progression. It was one of the best feelings ever because not everything is just going to be an easy conversion. Everyone is going to have challenges and we have to help them get through them. That's how they grow. We are literally writing their conversion story. I loved seeing her grow and gain a true testimony and I can't wait to help her do some family history so that she can enter in the temple!

Also, this week Daniel came to church! He is so goood!! We were kinda worried the other day because we visited him and his mom and we were like are you guys coming to church and the mom was like, um, maybe, it just depends on my husbands work and Daniel had previously said that he didn't want to go unless his family went and so we were like....uh, oh no.... BUT we went on Sunday morning and turns out that his mom went somewhere with her husband and it was just him there BUT he was like, can you guys call Marcos (someone in our ward that he knows) and ask if he can come get me for church??  Um, yes, we can definitely do that...and that's what happened. He went with Marcos and it was so great! He really is such a good kid. He even looks like a missionary! Keep praying for him please!

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