Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 55 - Conference!

A weird, but really good fruit called Granadia

I hope you all LOVED conference because it was seriously sooo good! so much revelation! There are so many things I learned and I just want to share a little bit of what I got out of it all:

1. Verdadera intencion (real intent). Something that hit me so hard was how a lot of people talked about how when we pray we need to have real intent. As it says in Moroni 10:3-5, we need to read, meditate, and pray in order to get an answer but when we pray we need to have a sincere heart and real intent. This means that we truly are going to act according to the answer we receive. I really liked what someone said, they said are we praying with real intent? are we really going to act according to the answer God gives us or are we just saying that we will while in our hearts we still want to do our own will? I loved that. We need to do God's will. It's not easy but it's what's best.

2. Stop comparing ourselves to others. If we need to compare, compare who you were before to who you are now.
3. Do we believe what we know? We have a lot of stuff we've learned over the years through going to church but do we really belive everything we know? There's a big difference.
4. We can come to not only learn ABOUT Christ but we can truly come to KNOW Him. We always hear people preaching about Christ and we hear a lot about Him but our journey here on earth is to come to know Him. Because not all who say Lord, Lord, will enter into the Kingdom of God...
5.In order to come to know Him we must come to know His word. We must study the scriptures if we want to get to truly know our Savior. We must also serve Him, for how can we know someone we have never served?
6. We can't say "I'm not good at this calling etc" when a calling is extended to us because there is something God is trying to teach us or someone He is trying to mold us into. Remember, He prepares who He calls.
These are just a few of the many many things I learned from conference. I hope you all watched it and were able to receive your own answers and be strengthed by the word of God spoken through His chosen servants. Just so you know, Daniel (picture attached) went to conference and so did this little girl Bianca who is going to get baptized. I was seriously so happy. Daniel doesn't have a really big testimony of a living prophet so I hope being able to hear him speak helped him! He is soo good he just needs a little more of an answer. Pray for him. He's going to be a great missionary some day, I just know it!
Anyway, I just wanted to leave you all with a challenge. I challenge you all to have a family home evening tonight and talk about the things you learned from conference. There is power in sharing your testimony with your family members. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!
My first convert Dana, and her mom Ginger

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