Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 45 - You Never Know

I hope you all had a good week and all you people from Utah I hope you all had a good pioneer day! This week was really good and really fast. Literally I feel like a broken record saying this every week but it's so true. Wow.

So this week we had a really cool experience with asking for referrals. So we went to go teach this rescue that we have (someone that we helped come back and be active in the church) and we asked if she or her sister knew anyone we could go teach and they were both kind of quiet and were like no like I don't think so. But then one of the sisters was like "well there is Marisol" who is their aunt but then her sister was like no like I don't think she will accept them, no like she's not very receptive, no, like we know she won't accept you guys, like better just not go. And we were like, no it's fine, like we want to go. Don't worry abuot how they will receive us it's fine. Anyway long story short, we went and I was like preparing myself to get yelled at or something but we go up to her door and we start talking to her and she's like "oh, just come on in" (ok we didn't even ask to come in so imagine our surprise...) and we go in and she gives us cola and cookies and we just start talking (still so surprized at how well this was going) and we start talking to her and turns out she is going through some hard times right now with her family and she just started to cry. She really truly needed us to be there at that exact moment. It just amazed me at how well the Lord prepared His children. We can never judge who is ready or not because we don't know what these people are going through. The Lord has  PERFECT PLAN. And everything is in His timing. He is preparing these people and we need to go find them.So if the missionaries ever come to your house and knock on your door and ask for referrals and a name comes to your mind TELL THEM! Because the Lord has obviously prepared them to hear the gospel at this time, even if you don't think so. Also, when we visited other people this week and went to ask for referals and they had the same "I don't know anyone" attitude, we shared this experience and then they gave us referal. So cool.

Okl also learned something really cool this week. So we go with this Hermano from the ward because he's like come to this house to meet someone so we go and when we get to the house there is this woman leaving (not the person we were looking for) and the brother is just like hey is the other lady home and she was like I don't know and he was like oh we're the Mormons. Do you want the missionaries to teach you. And then she was like no. And it was obviously because you can't go about it that way. We started talking to her and getting to know her and offering to do service (gets em every time) and then we asked if we could go visit her and she was like yeah, that's okay. That just showed me that it really makes a difference on how we communicate our message. We can't just be like Hey we are the Mormons and do you want the missionaries to come? No. It's better to get to know them and talk with them and then extend the invitation so that they know it's because you care. Anyway, just a thought. Keep being missionaries though.

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