Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 48 - Faith and Mercy

So all I have for this week is two and mercy. As nurses, we normally have a little more responsibility than other missionaries having to call and schedule appointments and everything but literally this week was CRAZY. Like, when it rains it There were two missionaries that hurt their ankles pretty bad and two that had to go to the hospital and it was crazy (everyone is fine now by the way...) and we literally had NO TIME to work and somehow we ended up with some pretty good results. Which is literally a miracle because we had no time to go visit the people...Like, let the Lord's will be done. 

Also. Faith. Faith moves mountains. So we've been working with Dana Gomez, she's 14 and we extended a baptismal date to her a few weeks ago but then she was always kind of indecisive and was like yes but then no and we were just trying to help her gain a testimony and there were times where we just wanted to let her go and be like, she's not going to progress but we pushed through. On Friday, during our weekly planning, when we were setting goals, we decided to put a goal of 1 baptism and 1 confirmation. This in and of itself was an act of faith because Dana was the only possible person we had for that date and last we knew, she didn't have the strongest testimony but we still decided to put that there and see where the Lord took us. Anyway, on Saturday, the other hermanas had a baptism and Dana went. She was really impacted by it and then afterwards had a lesson with our zone leaders, not us, just they taught her and we get a call that night from the elders and they're like DANA'S GETTING BAPTIZED! Oh my, it was just a huge blessing. Like, I know this is because of our faith and simply because the Lord loves us and someties is just really really merciful. I was honestly so happy when I heard that. Probably the happiest I've every been to hear that someone was getting baptized! She is soooo good! But keep praying for her because we still need to help her this week. Anway, I know the Lord is in control and I know without a doubt that he loves us. He loves us so much. More than we can even imagine. He will bless us if we have the faith. Never lose faith. Faith moves mountains.

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