Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 57 - So Many Good Things


There are always just so many good things to write about and there is never enough time to write them all.... But well to start out, we had a baptism this weekend. Bianca, she's 9 and just so cute! She loves all the kids in the church and likes reading the Book of Mormon. haha whenever we would ask her if she read she would say yes and then we would ask her what she read and she would be like "things about God" haha so cute. She may not understand completely but at least she's trying. haha. There was a really special moment at her baptism that I want to share. So before her baptism, when we would ask her if she was excited she would always be like yes and no. The no was because she had a fear of drowning. We assured her that she would not drown and that we were baptized at her age and we were still living and therefore knew everything would be okay. Anyway, she wanted her uncle to baptize her and her uncle is our rescue and I don't know if he's ever baptized anyone or if he has, it's been a long time but we helped him and explained to him how to do it but I guess we forgot one important detail. That detail would be how fast to put her under the water and come back up....he put her under way fast and I don't even know if she had time to plug her nose, poor thing and so she came up out of the water like gasping for air with a face of pure terror. I was like great, everything she didn't want to happen, happened....ahh but anyway she came out and we were right there helping her out and I just told her to come over and I just gave her the biggest hug. It didn't matter that she was soaking wet, I just wanted to comfort her. I told her everything was going to be okay and that we were right there to help her. That moment is a moment I will never forget. It was even more special because the day before in our weekly planning session that we had in the church, our zone leaders had everyone bring a picture of their families and they put them up on the white board and then asked us "who are these people to you?" we talked about how they were the most important people in our lives and that we would give everything for them. They then told us that that's how we should feel about our investigators...they are like our family members and we sould see them that way. We should be willing to give everything for them and love them with all our hearts and give them all our time and all our hearts. In that moment with Bianca, I just felt like she was one of my family members, like one of my cousins or something and I could truly feel the love of the Savior in that moment. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a great week and try always to have charity towards one another!

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