Sunday, November 20, 2016

Chapter 61 - Transfers and Trios

So as you can all see from the subject line, I had transfers...and I'm in a trio. I got transfered to Jaramijo which is in Manabi. It's this little fishing town and wow this is going to be quite an experience. Hermana Roylance's stomach doesn't like fish too much so there will be many prayers said at meal times...haha but really I'm so excited to be here. I am with Hermana Reyes who is from Mexico. She is also a mission nurse so we are here holding down the fort as the nurses in Manabi. I'm also with Hermana Tantavilca who is from Peru. They are both so sweet and I am so excited to start working with them! We are in a branch here, it's not a ward, but I know we will be able to help this branch grow and basically become a ward...we're going out looking for some good priesthood holders! Families! We are looking for families!

Anyways, I had like mixed feelings. I kind of felt these transfers coming but it was still a surprize to come here. It was sad leaving the Florida because Boris is getting baptized this week and I really wanted to be there but I know he is in good hands. Hermana Hawkes is there with him and I know she will help him a lot. Also it was sad to leave hermana Flor. She is so good and has progressed so much. At the beginning, we went to teach her son who is less active and she wouldn't even come out to the living room to listen. When she finally did come out after a few times of going, she sat there with her eyes closed. And, well, it all went up from there. She is so good and I know she will get baptized with the help of the missionaries there. Everyone in her family (kids, siblings, and mom) are members except her. One day her sister invited her to start reading the Book of Mormon and I can just say that that is what made the difference. She starting reading the Book of Mormon and it opened her heart. While we were reading with her the other day she was like wow, when we were reading that I just felt so good and I just knew it was true. Ah, she is so goood! I know the Book of Mormon is true and it works miracles in the lives of everyone who reads it with an open heart! If you've stopped reading the Book of Mormon, or have never read it, I challenge you to do so now. You will not regret it. Let the blessings begin. Seriously.

Another fun fact, this week on Saturday we were able to go to the temple with one of our converts Hermana Rocio. She isn't married but lives with her sister and mom and anyway she went to get her endowments and it was so great. How great of an experience it is to be in the temple with one of your converts (and when I say convert, I mean like I wasn't there for her baptism but I was there shortly after, like a year ago when I started out in that sector so she basically counts as my convert too) Anyway, it was so special and an experience I will never forget!

I hope you all have a great week! Love you!

Hermana Roylance

P.S. On wednesday we got to be part of a service project and it was so awesome. I don't know if you've heard about The Love Project but they came and guess where most of them are from...BOUNTIFUL. Yes. I felt at hom. No I did not know any of them., but it was so good. They collect food and clothes all year and then come here to Ecuador and give it away. It was way cool because we were there helping and for them it was like hey this is fun and awesome and I feel really good because I am serving but for me it was like hey, you're giving these clothes to my less active, who I know doesn't have anything and who really needs this...and it just meant so much more. It was such a neat experience! Anyway, it was really cool!

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