Sunday, November 6, 2016

Chapter 34 - I know not save the Lord has commanded me

I hope everyone had a great week and gave their mom a really big hug. It was so great to talk to the family yesterday and know how their doing. Fun little story, yesterday, mothers day, we woke up to one of our neighbors BLASTING music at like 6 am and it wasn't just any music, I'm pretty sure it was some sort of mothers day music and we were all like, what are you doing? I think your mom would like to sleep a little longer....because all of us would like to...haha it was funny though

So this letter won't be very long but yeah. On Tuesday we got to go to Portoviejo and do some service and that was really awesome. We went to a military base and sorted through a MOUNTAIN of clothing and shoes. We put the clothing together in other bags that had clothes for like a mom dad and kids and yeah it was a lot of work but I know the people there will appreciate it greatly. We also got to go back to our house and grab all of our things so now I have all my stuff and everything is good.

Ok so now as for the title. So there is a scripture in 1 Nephi where he is asked why he was doing these things and he simply responded I know not save the Lord has commanded me. This is something that is so important to remember. Sometimes we have these thoughts that we should do something or say something but we dont, why? If we have these thoughts and impresssions, we need to act on them. Sometimes we don't know why,but we can trust in the fact that the Lord knows why. This week we were teaching a less active and she doesn't have a job right now and she asked us if we could give her a 1.50 so that she could make a phone call to her old job to check if they were going to pay her and it's not like it was a lot of money but there is a rule that we have that we can't give people money and so we were just sitting there so desperate because we wanted to help her so much but we really couldn't and we didn't know what to say and then this thought came into my mind...ask her if she has faith and then pray...and I was like no, that's kind of weird, I don't want to do that. But then the same thought came into my mind...ask her if she has faith, and then pray. At that point I said, ok, ok, I'll ask. So I asked her and she was like yes...and so then I asked if we could kneel down and pray and so we did and I prayed and asked the Lord, with all the faith that we had, if He could somehow provide the means for her to make this phone call. Not going to lie, I half expected to open my eyes and see the money sitting on the table but it wasn't there. What happened after was even better though. We were talking and promising her that if she contintued to have faith that the Lord would bless her and we were apologizing for the fact that we couldn't give her the money and she just said...don't worry about it, right now I feel very peaceful and calm and I know everything will be okay. The Lord didn't answer the prayer with the physical needs at that very moment, but He did comfort one of His children in their time of need. I know that the Lord loves each one of us and will comfort us in our times of need. Sometimes we don't know why we need to do something, but I know when we are obedient, we receive all the blessings that the Lord has for us. 
Also p.s. by the way when I said  Nephi, I was definitely talking about what Adam said to an angel of the Lord....whoops....but hey Nephi also didn't know why he had to do the things the Lord told him to kinda similar right?  Please don't judge me...

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